Keystroke shortcuts for MS Word (and elsewhere in Windows):

NOTE:     symbol indicates a Windows 95 standard keystroke, which will work the same in most Windows programs.
ˇ symbol indicates that the keystroke is a toggle (use it once to turn the feature on, again to turn it off.)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Move right one character      Right Arrow

Move left one character      Left Arrow

Move up one line      Up Arrow

Move down one line      Down Arrow

Move to left end of the current line      Home

Move to right end of current line      End

Move up 1 screen (approx. 20 lines)    Page Up

Move down 1 screen (approx. 20 lines)    Page Down

Move to top of current screen    Alt+Ctrl+Page Up

Move to bottom of current screen    Alt+Ctrl-Page Down

Move 1 word to right      Ctrl-Right Arrow

Move 1 word to left      Ctrl-Left Arrow

Previous Browse Object    Ctrl+Page Up

Next Browse Object    Ctrl+Page Down

Open Browse Toolbar    Alt+Ctrl +Home

Top of Previous Page    User must assign

Top of Next Page    User must assign

Move to start of document    Ctrl-Home

Move to end of document    Ctrl-End

Go To specific page or bookmark    F5 or Ctrl+G

Move to the previous frame or object    Alt+Up Arrow

Move to the next frame or object    Alt+Down Arrow

Move to a previous revision    Shift+F5

Bookmark dialog box    Ctrl+Shift+F5

Add Hyperlink    Ctrl +K

Forward Hyperlink (next web page)    Alt+left arrow

Backward Hyperling (previous web page    Alt+right arrow

Keyboard Shortcut s for Selecting

Select all (the entire document)    Ctrl + A

Turn on extend selection mode    F8

Cancel extend selection mode    Esc

Select to a particular character    F8, then the character

NOTE: You can also use the mouse with the Shift key to select from the current insertion point or selection to any point.

Extend a selection in increments    F8

Extend a selection any amount    Shift+Any forward navigation keystroke

Reduce a selection in increments    Shift+F8

Reduce a selection any amount    Shift+Any backward navigation keystroke

Vertical block of text    Ctrl+Shift+F8, then use the arrow keys. Esc to cancel selection mode

NOTE: You can also use the mouse with the Alt key to select a vertical block of text

Select an entire table (NUMLOCK on)    Alt+Shift+5 on the numeric keypad

Select an entire table (NUMLOCK off)    Alt+5 on the numeric keypad

Keyboard Shortcut s for Editing

Delete character right of insertion pt.      Del

Delete character left of insertion pt.      Backspace

Delete word left of the insertion pt.      Ctrl+ Backspace

Delete word right of the insertion pt.      Ctrl+Del

Delete entire selection      Del or Backspace

Replace entire selection      Any character

Undo      Ctrl+Z

Redo    Alt+Shift+ Backspace

Repeat    Ctrl+Y

Select entire document      Ctrl+A

Cut to the Clipboard      Ctrl+X

Copy to the Clipboard     Ctrl+C

Copy without Clipboard (WP style)    Shift+F2

Cut to the Spike    Ctrl+F3

Copy formats    Ctrl+Shift+C

Paste      Ctrl+V

Paste formats    Ctrl+Shift+V

Insert Spike contents    Ctrl+Shift+F3

Move text or graphics    F2

De-select text (return to insertion point)    Any arrow key

Line break (new line, same paragraph)    Shift+Enter

Page break      Ctrl+Enter

Find    Ctrl+F

Find Next    Shift+F4

Replace    Ctrl+H

Run Proofing (Spelling/Grammar)    F7

Go to next misspelling    Alt+F7

Thesaurus    Shift+F7

Create AutoText    Alt+F3

Bold   ˇ    Ctrl+B

Italic   ˇ    Ctrl+I

Underline   ˇ    Ctrl+U

Underline words only ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+W

Double underline ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+D

Enlarge font one size    Ctrl+Shift+>

Reduce font one size    Ctrl+Shift+<

Enlarge font one point    Ctrl+]

Reduce font one point    Ctrl+[

Activate Font list    Ctrl+Shift+F

Activate Font Size    Ctrl+Shift+P

Open Font Dialog box    Ctrl+D

Change case    Shift+F3

All capital letters ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+A

Format as hidden text ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+H

Small capitals ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+K

Subscript ˇ    Ctrl+=

Superscript ˇ    Ctrl+Shift+=

Strikethrough ˇ    Alt+Ctrl+ underscore

Symbol font    Ctrl+Shift+Q

Remove direct font formatting    Ctrl+Shift+Z

Activate symbol font for next character    Ctrl+Shift+Q


Left justify paragraph    Ctrl+L

Center paragraph    Ctrl+E

Right justify paragraph    Ctrl+R

Fully justify paragraph    Ctrl+J

Indent paragraph    Ctrl+M

Demote to body text    Ctrl+Shift+N

Create single-spaced lines    Ctrl+1

Create double-spaced lines    Ctrl+2

Create one-and-a-half-spaced lines    Ctrl+5

Add/remove 1 line of space above text ˇ    Ctrl+0 (Zero)

Remove a paragraph indent from the left     Ctrl+Shift+M

Create a hanging indent    Ctrl+T

Reduce a hanging indent    CtrL+SHIFT+ T

Assign an action to a shortcut key    Alt+Ctrl+ Plus Sign on the numeric keypad

Remove direct paragraph formatting    Ctrl+Q

Return selected text to style format    Ctrl+Spacebar

Keyboard Shortcuts for Document & Window Control

New document    Ctrl+N

Open existing document    Ctrl+O, or Ctrl+F12

Save    Ctrl+S, or Shift+F12

Save Asů    F12

Switch to Normal View    Alt+Ctrl+N

Switch to Outline View    Alt+Ctrl+O

Switch to Page Layout View    Alt+Ctrl+P

Next pane within window      F6

Previous pane within windows      Shift+F6

Close active window pane (remove split)    Alt+Shift+C

Next window      Ctrl+F6

Previous window      Shift + Ctrl+ F6

Maximize the program window      Alt+F10

Maximize current document window    Ctrl+F10

Restore the program window      Alt+F5

Restore the current document window    Ctrl+F5

Move a restored document window    Ctrl F7, arrow keys, Enter

Resize restored document window    Ctrl+F8, arrow keys, Enter

Split a document window    Alt+Ctrl+S, arrow keys, Enter

Display nonprinting characters    Ctrl+Shift+*

Close document window    Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4

Close the program      Alt+F4

Show Visual Basic editor    Alt+F11

Launch Microsoft System Info    Alt+Ctrl+F1

Execute a highlighted menu choice      Enter

Execute dialog box default button      Enter

Cancel a menu or dialog box      Esc

Help (context sensitive)      F1

Reveal format mouse pointer    Shift+F1

Print    Ctrl+P, or Ctrl+Shift+ F12

Print preview    Ctrl+F2, or Alt+Ctrl+1

Activate menu bar      Alt, or F10

Activate shortcut menu    Shift+F10

Move to the next cell      Tab

Move to the previous cell      Shift+Tab

Move up one cell    Up Arrow

Move down one cell    Down Arrow

Move to beginning of current row    Alt+Home

Move to end of current row    Alt+End

Move to beginning of current column    Alt+Page Up

Move to end of current column    Alt+Page Down

Move one column to the left    Ctrl+Up Arrow

Move one column to the right    Ctrl+Down Arrow

Select columns    Press Alt and click the mouse button

Select the entire table    Alt+Ctrl+ Shift+A

Insert a tab character in the table    Ctrl+Tab

(Table) AutoFormat Update Look    Alt+Ctrl+U

Keyboard Shortcuts for Columns

Insert column break    Ctrl+Shift+ Enter

Keyboard Shortcuts for Styles

Apply the Normal style     Ctrl+Shift+N

Apply Heading 1 style    Alt+Ctrl+1

Apply Heading 2 style    Alt+Ctrl+2

Apply Heading 3 style    Alt+Ctrl+3

Apply the List style    Ctrl+Shift+L

Apply ListBullet style    Alt+Shift+L

Activate Style BoxŚFormatting Toolbar    Ctrl+Shift+S

Open Style dialog box (toolbar hidden)    Ctrl+Shift+S

Promote a paragraph    Alt+Shift+Left Arrow

Demote a paragraph    Alt+Shift+ Right Arrow

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlining

NOTE: Outlining also uses Styles shortcuts

Demote paragraph    Alt+Shift+ Right Arrow

Promote paragraph    Alt+Shift+ Left Arrow

Move selected paragraphs up    Alt+Shift+ Up Arrow

Move selected paragraphs down    Alt+Shift+ Down Arrow

Expand text under a heading    Alt+Shift+ Plus Sign

Collapse text under a heading    Alt+Shift+ Minus Sign

Show all text or headings    Alt+Shift+A

Display all text    The asterisk (*) key on the numeric keypad

Hide or display character formatting    The forward slash (/) key on the numeric keypad

Show the first line or all of body text    Alt+Shift+L

Show all headings with Heading 1 style    Alt+Shift+1

Show all headings up to Heading "N".    Alt+Shift+N

Toggle hyperlinks/subdocuments    Ctrl+\

Keyboard Shortcuts for Fields, Notations and References

Update selected fields    F9

Insert a blank field    Ctrl+F9

Insert Date field    Alt+Shift+D

Insert Time field    Alt+Shift+T

Insert Page field    Alt+Shift+P

Insert ListNum field    Alt+Ctrl+L

Insert Annotation    Alt+Ctrl+M

Insert Footnote    Alt+Ctrl+F

Insert Endnote    Alt+Ctrl+E

Insert Hyperlink    Ctrl + K

Mark Index Entry    Alt+Shift+X

Mark Citation Entry    Alt+Shift+I

Mark TOC Entry    Alt+Shift+O

Toggle field display ˇ    Shift+F9

Switch between field codes or results ˇ    Alt+F9

Update linked info in other document    Ctrl+Shift+F7

Unlink a field    Ctrl+Shift+F9, Ctrl+6

Perform the action in selected field    Alt+Shift+F9

Go to the next field    F11

Go to the previous field    Shift+F11

Lock a field     Ctrl+F11, Ctrl+6

Unlock a field    Ctrl+F4

Preview a mail merge    Alt+Shift+K

Merge a document    Alt+Shift+N

Print the merged document    Alt+Shift+M

Edit a mail merge data document    Alt+Shift+E

Insert a merge field    Alt+Shift+F

Keyboard Shortcuts for Special Characters (also see "Symbol" under "Insert" on the  menu bar)

Optional hyphen    Ctrl+Hyphen

Nonbreaking hyphen    Ctrl+Shift+ Hyphen

Nonbreaking space    Ctrl+Shift+ Spacebar

Copyright symbol    Alt+Ctrl+C

Registered trademark symbol    Alt+Ctrl+R

Trademark symbol    Alt+Ctrl+T

Ellipsis    Alt+Ctrl+ Period

Single opening quotation mark    Ctrl+`,`

Single closing quotation mark    Ctrl+','

Double opening quotation mark    Ctrl+`,"

Double closing quotation mark    Ctrl+',"

Accented character    Ctrl+', letter to be accented

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Insert Autotext    F3 or Alt+Ctrl+V

Start AutoFormat    Alt+Ctrl+K

Add command to menu    Alt+Ctrl+=

Remove command from menu    Alt+Ctrl+-

Assign action to shortcut key    Alt+Ctrl+ Numeric Plus Sign

Link Header/Footer to previous section    Alt+Shift+R

ToolsůMacro dialog box    Alt+F8

Revision marks on/off    Ctrl+Shift+E


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